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Oceanus is a global seafood supply chain manager with one of the world’s largest land-based abalone farm.

We take pride in nurturing and growing our abalones to bring you the best and most exclusive taste of the ocean.

As a Singaporean farmer, we work hard to ensure that we produce only the best quality, nutritional and affordable fresh and frozen seafood products. 

This is done by engaging in sustainable land- and sea-based farming practices created through innovation in R&D. We do so to preserve our environment so that our next generation can enjoy a bountiful supply of untainted produce from the oceans.

At SGFarmer, we work closely with our friends to bring to you other premium products. These products has passed through our stringent checks in both quality and taste. For added security, all our food products have to undergo food safety lab tests in Singapore. 

It is our vision that everyone around the world can enjoy premium yet affordable food and beverages, anytime and anywhere.

We are also available on other platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10, Facebook, Marts and Corporate Road Shows.

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